Accommodation search

There are a variety of ways to search for accommodation and a lot of things to consider as you start out.. see tabs below for a few tips!

  • Rentals via an Agent

    Most Real Estate agents will have a current list of available properties, you can ask for this list over the counter. Some advertise in local newspapers and many agents will also have online listings. Here are some websites to search for accommodation. These lists will include property details such as weekly rent, property size and address etc.

    You can also search via the business name of the Real estate agent you prefer.

  • Rentals via a private landlord

    These rentals are often found by word of mouth (a friend told you) or are sometimes advertised in the local newspaper or on community notice boards. A formal tenancy agreement with a formal bond lodgement can still be attached to these private rental arrangements and is highly recommended. (Standard agreements and condition reports are available on the Department of Fair Trading web site)

  • Your own Networks

    When it’s time to move out of home or relocate, give some thought to the network of family and friends you already have. Get the word out to them, because someone may have a spare room, want to share a property or know someone that does. Even if they can’t offer you a room, they can still be a wealth of knowledge about the area, access to transport, local rent prices and services you might want or need.

  • Housing NSW & Community Housing

    Another option in the search for accommodation is Housing NSW and Community housing. You can go to their offices or go online to find out about what they have to offer.

    You will be required to meet the Housing NSW eligibility criteria for Housing NSW and Community Housing. If you meet the criteria you will need to fill out housing registration forms and then be placed on the waiting list for appropriate properties when available.

    When your turn comes up you will be offered a property suitable to your application ie location, number of bedrooms, special requirements (wheelchair access). To keep yourself registered for Housing NSW you will need to keep your details updated.

    Housing NSW will contact you periodically via the contact details provided in your application to reconfirm your information. However if you have changed phone numbers and address they will have no way of making this contact and you will be removed from the waiting list.

    Housing NSW has a General Housing, Priority Housing and Aboriginal Housing section. Additional information and applications will be required to meet eligibility for Priority and Aboriginal Housing.

    For all Housing NSW information go to

  • YouTube-Finding a place to rent-NSW Fair trading

    Finding a place to rent- YouTube link- NSW Fair trading

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