Applying for a Centrelink payment

Centrelink is a division of the Governments Department of Humans Services.

When applying for payments you will need to phone the appropriate department of Centrelink for the payment you’re applying for: Eg, a person who is studying in an accredited course would phone 132490- Youth and student services.

You may be directed to to register on the online system and start a claim.This is referred to as “initial contact” either way once you have answered questions you will be instructed when to go to the Centrelink office with your supporting documents and ID.

A claim will stay active with Centrelink for 28days, if the requested proof of ID etc is not provided in that time the claim will cease.

  • phone 132850 (Employment Services)
  • phone 136150 (Families Assistance Office)
  • phone 132490 (Youth and Student Services)
  • phone 136380 (Indigenous Call Centre)
  • phone 132717 (Disabilities, Sickness & Carers)
  • phone 132300 (Retirement Services) Web:

Office Hours: 8.30am – 4.30pm, Monday to Friday