Applying for a property

  • Agents Application forms

    Real Estate agents each have their own application forms which can be available over the agents counter or on their websites.

    They are all much the same but some may require more information than others, it is important to fill them out neatly and return them to the agent completed with your supporting information, proof of ID and proof of income.

    If you are considering sharing with someone else, fill out 2 separate applications and staple them together. Then tell the agent you are applying together.

  • Income information

    Proof of income is used to check that you can afford to rent the property you are applying for. You will need to prove your income by supplying your last 4 weeks of pay slips or your current Centrelink income statement.

  • Personal presentation

    It is very important when applying for rental properties through agents that you present yourself well.  This means dressing neatly and supplying your application with all the supporting documents.

    Remember the agent is working for the Landlord and both want the best tenant for the property.  If you’ve tied your dog to the sign post outside, walked in with sandy bare feet and hand over an incomplete tattered application, you’re not likely to make the best impression, so take the time to get it right.

  • References

    Rental references from previous landlords that you had a successful tenancy with, are like gold. They are exactly what the agent wants attached to your application. If you have not rented previously, it can be difficult to get a start without references. However, you can use personal references from people you have boarded with.

    Generally, a great reference letter will state that you 1. Paid the rent on time. 2. Kept the place clean and tidy. 3. Didn’t do any damage to the property and 4. That you were respectful of the neighbours.

    If you are moving straight from your family home and don’t have any references relating to property rental or boarding, you could use work and character references. However if there is a choice between 2 applicants who have the same ability to pay but one has great references the one with references is more likely to be approved.

  • Identification

    Generally agents will require 100 points of identification. (See SkillBot identification)

  • Tenancy Guarantee

    Tenancy Guarantees are a product of Housing NSW.

    A Tenancy Guarantee is intended to encourage private Landlords and Real Estate agents to rent properties to clients having difficulty entering the private rental market. A Tenancy Guarantee of up to $1500 is available to Landlords and Real estate agents to cover possible rental arrears and/or property damage over and above the rental bond.

    To check if you are eligible for a Tenancy Guarantee go to Housing NSW- housing pathways- additional information- fact sheets