Award wages

  • Employment Awards

    When you are employed the employer will pay you under an award. In most NSW private sector workplaces, how much workers are paid is now governed by modern awards.

    An award is a legal document that sets out minimum wages and conditions for a specific industry or occupation. The conditions in awards apply on top of the minimum conditions in the National Employment Standards. An award covers things like rates of pay, overtime, penalty rates and allowances. Sick, parental, annual, bereavement leave and much more.

    When a job is advertised, the type of award the job falls under will sometimes be advertised. The award will usually be stated in your employment contract or on your pay slip. If you are having trouble finding which award you are paid under, you can ask your employer which award, which classification and which level you are being paid.

    There are far too many awards to list. Please check the links below or web search- NSW awards.