Being a parent

  • The Decision

    Being a parent is a decision a lot of people make and it is a wonderful experience. When someone decides to become a parent they need to understand it is a fulltime job and will last for the rest of their life.

    It can be very rewarding and at the same time be the hardest job ever. Life can be a rollercoaster of emotions, sometimes up and sometimes down. Before you decide to be a parent have a look here for more info home > parents, carers & families > parenting > general tips for parents & carers > Being a parent and here

  • Who are parents?

    Parents are people from all walks of life and many differing situations. Married or defacto couples, same sex couples, separated people or single mums or dads.

    There are people who adopt a child from their own country or another country. There are Foster carers who can be parents for short term or long term periods.

    Then there are Grandparents or other family members like brothers/sisters, aunties/uncles or cousins who can also take on a parenting role.

  • Responsibilities

    The responsibility of being a parent changes over time but the important thing is that the child is loved, safe, happy, healthy and progressing at a regular rate.

    In the beginning parenting is an all hours job day and night, especially the first 6 – 8 weeks after the birth. Then it’s still all hours of the day and some of the night which gradually gets less as the baby begins to sleeps through the night.

    From here the parent’s responsibility is in the form of nurturing, teaching, supporting and being legally obliged to make decisions regarding their child’s welfare and their activities.

    Finally at the age of 18 the young person becomes legally responsible for themselves although some still may rely on their parents for many things.

  • A parent is...

    Every family is different and experience things at different times. There is no perfect way and there is no book or website that has all the answers.

    As a family changes, parents learn the things they need and play many different roles. Some of these are caregiver, cook, cleaner, nurse, driver, teacher, ATM, counsellor, negotiator and if there are siblings, mediator.

    Some of these skills people naturally have, and the rest get learnt along the way. The most important thing a parent can do, is keep the child’s wellbeing as the highest priority and go with what feels right.