Buying a phone

  • Pre-Paid mobiles

    When you buy a prepaid phone, you usually need to provide some ID as you make the purchase.

    Don’t throw the box away because you will need it for the activation stage which you can do online for most providers. When you activate the phone you will need to provide identification again, usually your birth certificate or licence number. During activation you will also have to choose a prepaid offer.

    Read up on each offer before choosing. Some may offer cheap text, but short usage time limits or cheap call rates but at times you won’t need it for. With a new phone you will usually receive a start-up credit, check if it credits automatically on activation or if you have to follow extra steps to get it.

    You can usually recharge instantly and securely using a credit/debit card or buy credit vouchers at provider stores or many supermarkets and other outlets.

  • Mobile phone plans

    Mobile phone contracts are legal documents. When you sign a phone contract you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of that contract. You need to be sure you can afford the payments for the full term of the contract and that the mobile phone package suits your needs.

    Additional insurance is available for your phone for breakages not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. It is worth considering insurance as you will still be tied into the plan even if you have broken the phone. Definitely do plenty of research on different mobile contract before committing.