Dressing for an interview

When dressing for your job interview you need to consider what kind of position you are going for. But no matter what position, your clothing and shoes will need to be clean, unstained, ironed and free from holes.

Being freshly showered, and well groomed is extremely important, you don’t want the employer being distracted by nasty smells or shabby looks either. Dress conservatively, low cut tops or muscle singlets are not ok unless you are going for a Stripper job. Remember to go easy on the make up, aftershave and perfume too.

If you were applying for a job at a fashion magazine, it would probably help if your clothing and grooming were right on current trend.

If you were applying for a position with a council work crew then it would be acceptable to wear trousers and a dress shirt, for the boys and a skirt or pants and blouse for the girls as the interviews for these jobs would usually take place in an office.

If you were applying for a job with a tradie, you might be meeting on a job site, a site office or at the employer’s home. Generally clean pants and casual shirt would be fine.

If you are not sure what to wear get advice from a friend or family member, your job network worker will also be able to advise you what type of clothing is appropriate.