Drivers licence's

  • NSW L'Plate licences

    To apply for a Learner’s drivers licence in NSW you must be 16 years old.

    You will need to study for and pass a Drivers Knowledge Test (DKT)

    To study for the test you will need “The Road users handbook” it is available at registry offices or you can download it online at and type Road users handbook in the search bar.

    All the possible questions you could get asked in your test are available on this site, under the question bank.

    To practice what you are learning you can go online to the DKT   Home > Licensing > Licence tests > Driver Knowledge Test (DKT)> go to test.

    You can practice this as many times as you like. It is a good idea to get 3-4. 100% passes on this practice site before booking for your actual test as, it will cost you money if you fail. And if you go ahead and book then fail, you will often have to wait a few weeks before you can rebook.

    Once you have learned the road rules and practiced the knowledge tests many times you can book for your learners licence test, go to and down to key link>book a test.

    You will need a credit or debit card to book the test online, alternatively you can go to a registry office and book and pay over the counter. This fee is approximately $35.00 currently. This will not be refunded if you fail.

    When you go for the learners test you will need 100 points of identification, which must include your birth certificate (see SkillBot- identification) Your birth certificate must be the official copy of your birth registration, it can not be a transcript or commemorative copy.

    When you pass your test there will be a fee for your new Learner Drivers Licence card to be produced. It is currently around $52.00

    You will be given a log book to fill. Current laws dictate you must complete 120 hours of learner driving accompanied by a fully licenced driver. Part of this must be at night.

    When you have completed 12 months on your L’s and have completed your log book you can go for your Provision (P Plate) Drivers licence. This is an actual driving test.

    This information is accurate at the time of publication, check for up dates.