Furnishing on the cheap

  • Places to get household stuff

    A good source of household goods on the cheap are the charities. St Vincent de Paul, Anglicare, Salvation Army etc. In larger towns and cities, the council tips often have excellent recycle centres. You can find listings for all of these in the Yellow pages.

    Buying from local garage sales can also be a great saving. Garage sales are often advertised in local newspapers and on street poles. Your own family and extended family may have a few spare household items as well.

    The bargain variety shops also have a lot of cheap bits and pieces like plates, cooking utensils, towels etc that will get you started, they might not be the best quality but will certainly meet your needs until you can afford better quality gear.

  • A 'Moving out box'

    While you are living at home, and especially if you have some after school or casual work, you have a great opportunity to start to buy a few things you will need when you become independent.

    Some of the basics are: a kettle, toaster, crockery (plates & cups) glasses, pots & pans, cutlery, sheets, towels and blankets, plastic containers and cooking knives. If you are a few years off moving out, it wouldn’t be a good idea to buy say a TV or sound system as new models with better features come out so quickly.