General home cleaning

Cleaning!  What a chore!!

There are a couple of good reasons to keep onto your house cleaning.

Home sweet home can become a dirty germy hovel pretty quickly and cockroaches and mice will love living with you rent free!

A trashed place will probably get the Landlord off side quickly!

It is worthwhile to maintain the tasks below regularly, if you don’t,  it may put your tenancy at risk. Give yourself the best chance to get a good reference and your bond refunded.

The benefit of all this cleaning is that it is your home, and you may find life is much easier to keep on track, if your home environment is a clean and nice place to relax.

  • Kitchen

    • Wash dirty dishes with hot water and detergent, dry and put them away.
    • Rinse and wipe down the kitchen sink and clear the drain of food waste.
    • Wipe down spills on the stove or cooktop after cooking, otherwise it will bake on next time you cook and be extra hard to get off. Give the stove a good clean once a week.
    • Wipe kitchen bench’s after use. You don’t want last night’s gravy stuck on the bottom of today’s fresh sandwich.
    • Empty Garbage bins.
    • Sweep or vacuum the floor. (as needed)
    • Mop the floors once a week with hot water and a little detergent or floor cleaner.
    • Wipe up spills in the fridge straight away and give it a good clear out and clean every couple of weeks. Chuck out any old or out of date food.
    • Kitchen cupboards and doors need an occasional wipe before storing food, plate’s, pots, pans and cleaning products.

  • Bathroom

    • Clean the toilet bowl with a toilet brush and cleaning product at least weekly or as needed.
    • Wipe toilet, basin, tiles and bench tops with a cloth and cleaning product (use a separate cloth or paper towel for cleaning the toilet).
    • Wipe the shower recess, sink, tiles, glass doors and panels (these will need a good scrub including all tile grout about every 2 weeks) if you ignore this, mould will quickly take hold and be very difficult to get rid of.
    • Use a mop and bucket with hot water and a little detergent or floor cleaner to clean floors.
    • Empty bins.
    • Look up too, sometimes bathroom ceilings get mouldy due to poor ventilation, wipe the ceiling over with an anti-mould product if needed, rather than letting it get out of hand. Opening the doors and windows after use can reduce mould build up.
    • Carefully pull the exhaust fan cover off and wash it in the sink once in a while, it will then work far better.
    • Note: the cleaning cloths you use in the bathroom cannot return to the kitchen, throw them out or wash and soak them in disinfectant and keep them in the bathroom or laundry with your cleaning products and scrubbing brushes.

  • Bedrooms

    • Collect laundry and place in the laundry basket.
    • Tidy up clothes and other personal items and put away in draws or wardrobes.
    • Make the bed. (Doona’s are so easy) it’s a good idea to change the sheets on your weekly washing day.
    • Dust the furniture.
    • Vacuum or wash floor.
    • Empty bins.

  • Lounge room

    • Start by removing all the items that belong in other rooms to their places.
    • Pack away all DVD’s, PC’s and games consoles.
    • Remove rubbish.
    • Dust or wipe down the furniture, TV and stereo and skirting boards.
    • Vacuum or wash floors.
    • Vacuum the couch cushions and under them.

  • Laundry

    • Keep dirty laundry inside the laundry basket, separate from clean clothes.
    • Occasionally put the washing machine on an empty cycle with a little bleach or other disinfectant to get rid of grime.
    • Remove any rubbish.
    • Wipe all surfaces.
    • Sweep and mop the floor.

  • Windows

    • Dust or wipe around window sills weekly (especially in damp places where moisture gathers)
    • Wash windows as required with window cleaner. Sliding doors and kitchen windows will need doing more often than others.

  • Outdoor areas

    • Patio’s or decks may need to be hosed down or swept.
    • Rubbish from anywhere around the yard needs to be placed in the garbage bins as well as bottles and plastics in the recycling bin.
    • Clear junk mail from mail box.
    • Lawns need to be mowed. And gardens maintained to the same standard as when you moved in.
    • Find out when garbage day is and put the bins out. Looking along your street will usually give you an indication of which bin day it is.

    General waste bin (red lid) = all rubbish not recyclable (usually weekly)

    Recycling bin (yellow lid) = paper, cardboard, cans, bottles, glass etc (usually every 2nd week)

    Green waste (green lid) = grass cutting, sticks and branches (usually monthly)

    See your local council’s web site for more details and actual dates.