Healthy relationships

  • What is it?

    A healthy relationship is when people accept each other for who they are, enjoy being with each other and are able to communicate openly and freely. There is mutual respect, commitment and loving feelings.

  • The value of relationships

    Life gives us many different experiences and a healthy relationship allows mates or partners to support each other through these experiences.

    The people we have relationships with can be the ones to talk to about situations, good and bad, be a hand to hold or be the ones willing to help us sort things out.

  • Conflict

    People are unique and have different ideas about things, they sometimes disagree which can lead to conflict.

    Conflict is a healthy part of any relationship as long as it’s dealt with in a positive manner. It gives people a chance to look at things differently, learn new stuff and maybe even realise that negotiation and compromise is a better way to go. If you are experiencing ongoing conflict in your relationships seek assistance.

  • Want to know more....Links.

    There are lots of ideas out there about what a good relationship is, especially on the net. Here are some links to check out for more info