Housing NSW-Community housing

Services Offered

Housing NSW operates under the Housing Act 2001 to manage the New South Wales Government’s housing portfolio and develop broader housing strategies.

Under the categories below there are many products that can assist people to get a tenancy started and to keep it.

Some of the most common products used by young people starting out are: Rent Start Bond Loan, Tenancy Guarantee and temporary accommodation.

There is an eligibility criterion for most Housing NSW products and to register for housing. See web site for details regarding each product.

Public housing. Property and tenancy management for households living in over 122,000 public housing homes.

Community housing. Funding of not-for-profit organisations to provide property and tenancy management for more than 19,000 properties.

Aboriginal housing. Property and tenancy management for more than 4,300 properties owned by the Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO).

Linking support services. The development of partnerships with other government agencies and community organisations to support households with special needs living in social housing.

Private Rental Assistance. The provision of financial assistance to low-income households renting in the private sector.

Private Rental Subsidy. The provision of subsidies for people with disabilities or living with HIV/AIDS who rent in the private market.

Home purchase assistance. Advice and financial assistance for home buyers.

Affordable housing. The development of low cost housing options within the private sector.

Community regeneration. Specific initiatives to support building in social housing areas.

For more information on housing assistance options, see the Housing Pathways website.

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