Mental Health Services

  • Mental Health and doctors

    When people develop a mental illness they are often embarrassed to seek professional help for fear that the professional will think negatively about them or people will find out about it.

    There is a variety of professionals who can provide help to a person with a mental illness and usually seeing the local doctor is a great place to start.

    A doctor can recognise symptoms of a mental illness developing and will go through a mental health assessment process to determine whether a mental health care plan is needed.

    Then the doctor can provide the following types of help:

    • Explain about mental illnesses and how the person can best be helped
    • Look for a possible physical cure
    • Prescribe medication if needed
    • Refer the person onto a psychologist or psychiatrist
    • Link the person into community supports.

    If you don’t have a local doctor then the local community health centre or public hospital are the next places that can help.

  • If there is a mental health emergency call 000 or 112 from a mobile.

    If you need help or need someone to talk to right now call:

    Kids help line 1800551800

    Lifeline 131114

    Another useful option to help you help a friend who might be struggling- look at Youth Beyond blues new app- Check-in

    If you would like more information and to check out further options try these links: