Property maintenance

  • General maintenance

    As a tenant you are required to maintain a certain standard of cleanliness in your property. This includes keeping the lawns mowed and rubbish removed and the inside to a decent standard.

    There are some great tips for keeping up your household standards in the Skillbot General Home Cleaning section.

  • Accidental damage

    If you accidentally made a hole in the wall, it would be your responsibility to have it repaired to the standard that it was before (not a botched bog job).

    If you don’t have those skills you could notify the Agent or landlord and they could arrange a handyman to do the task with the costs going to you.

    You are also responsible for window breakages and the cost to replace them.

  • Agents or landlords maintenance reponsibilities

    The agents or landlord are responsible for maintenance jobs such as electrical and water issues etc. Consult your lease for contact details if an emergency arises eg, a burst pipe. Notify your agent for smaller issues like door hinges failing due to age. It is smart to email requests for maintenance to the agent, as this gives you a record of, dates and times. If not a letter is fine, but keep a dated copy for yourself and/or make a dated note of any phones calls you have between you and the agent/landlord.

    For example: if you were leaning against a door frame and it gave way and fell off, this should be seen as an agent/landlords maintenance responsibility, however if you bashed into a door frame while you were moving a couch and it gave way and fell down, this would be seen as your responsibility to pay for repairs. For further information or disputes in this matter see Skillbot-Accommodation-Tenants advocacy.