Youth Refuges- emergency accommodation

A Refuge is a place, of temporary emergency accommodation. There are Refuges that provide specialised accommodation to Youth, Woman & Children and Men.

They may not be available in every region, so unfortunately people may have to move out of area to gain that emergency accommodation.

For homeless people of all ages in NSW, call the Links to Home line on 1800 152 152 for the crisis accommodation information and vacancy lists.

Additional searches or enquiries may be required via local councils, charities, youth and community organisations and yellow pages telephone guides.

  • Temporary accommodation via Housing NSW- FaCS

    Phone: 1800 152 152. Temporary accommodation-HNSW may be able to provide crisis short term accommodation (1-2 nights)

    Eligibility for emergency temporary accommodation

    1. Urgent need for short-term emergency accommodation

    An urgent need for temporary accommodation may exist where a client:

    • Cannot live in their home because it is uninhabitable due to natural disasters such as fires, floods, earthquakes or storms.
    • Cannot live in their home due to a domestic violence situation, which places them, or a child, at risk of harm.
    • Has removed a child at risk of abuse from the family home.
    • Has custody of children and is homeless.

    When assessing the client’s application, Housing NSW will consider the following factors:

    • Whether the client’s urgent housing need can be met by providing Rentstart or Temporary Accommodation.
    • Whether the client has the ability to resolve their housing need themselves.
    • Whether the client can live with family or friends.

    Temporary residents are not eligible for emergency temporary accommodation.