Rental condition reports

When you rent a property the Real estate agent is obliged to supply you with a Condition report.

The agent will have inspected the property and prefilled the report before you moved in. On this report, every room in the house is reported to be in certain condition for example:

Lounge room walls: if it says Y (or yes) in the corresponding column, to walls being clean, undamaged and working and you agree this is true, put Y in the tenant column.

However if there is, say a picture hook and peeling paint on the wall, you write N in the tenant column and list the peeling paint and picture hook in the comments section. Even if the picture hook is fine and you might use it yourself it needs to be listed or you could be charged for filling the hole as its not listed as existing before you got there.

Lounge Clean Undamaged Working Tenant agrees Comments
Walls Y Y Y N Peeling paint and 1 picture hook on wall


It is very important for you to take the time to examine the condition of every room in the house you are renting and compare it to the condition report prepared by the Agent.

You are obliged to hand a copy of the condition report back to the Real estate agent within the time they have stipulated (usually 7 days). If not you may end up paying for things that may have been broken or damaged before you rented the house.  Keep your copy of the report in a safe place; you will use it to recheck the property condition when you leave. It is also a good idea to take dated photos of inside and outside your property as additional proof of condition.

Sample Condition_report