Resume writing

  • Resume writing

    A resume is a document that tells the employer:

    • what skills you have
    • what employment history you have and where you have worked
    • what education level you have achieved

    A Resume will usually be required by an employer when they advertise a position vacant. You can also give your resume to employers when enquiring about future vacancies.

    Employers look at your resume and cover letter to decide if you meet their criteria for the work required and if you will be short-listed for the job.

    When there are many applicants for a job, the employer will generally only take 30 seconds to form an opinion about your resume and suitability for the job. So make sure yours stands out.

  • Planning your resume

    It is important that your resume matches with the job and the company you are applying for. You want an employer to immediately think, this person has everything we want and loads of potential!

    Match up your skills and experience with what the employer and position require.

    For example if it’s a retail position on offer, and you have worked in retail, highlight your knowledge of customer service, EFTPOS procedure, electronic register operation and stock control.

  • Resume layout/content

    Remember, first impressions count!

    Limit you resume to two or three pages

    Use a Size 12 font and stay with black print

    Ensure your key selling points are highly visible, e.g. employment history.

    Use a space between each section

    Top of the first page

    Your name, Centered, Size 20 font, Bold.

    Contact details must be current (size 12 from here on)


    Mobile and landline

    Email address

    Date of birth (optional)

    Career objective (optional)

    Add a sentence telling the employer what your key skills are and a bit about yourself. Example: I am striving to gain a career in ………………., I have studied ……………. to broaden my skills. I am keen to gain further skills and enhance my employment opportunities and experience by working in the ……….. industry.

    Qualifications and Competencies

    This section gives the employer a snapshot of the key skills and training you have.


    Work, Health & Safety certificate (WHS) number 12345 – current

    First Aid Certificate – current

    Full Drivers licence number 12345


    Major education only: Tertiary and secondary. Put in order from the most recent.

    The years you did the qualification

    Full qualification title


    2008- Certificate 4- Agricultural studies

    Tafe- Wagga (distinction and credit)

    2005-2007 Certificate 4- Welding and metal fabrication

    Tafe- Wollongong (distinctions)

    1998-2004 Secondary education- HSC St George High school

    Employment History

    List employment starting with the most recent.

    Include: months and years you worked

    Job title, company name

    Job responsibilities


    December 2011 to current

    Retail assistant

    Style Boutique. Rosewood NSW

    Duites including: Customer service, stock ordering, stock control, Cash handling, EFTPOS  and banking procedures.

    April 2008- Dec 2011

    Purchasing officer

    Faraway imports, Auckland NZ

    Etc etc

    Community involvement (optional)

    List any volunteer work/ community work you have done.

    Set out the same as employment section

    Hobbies and Interests (Extracurricular activities)

    These are activities that you are interested in outside of work and study.

    They tell the employer more about you.

    List three or four activities. Example- Soccer, Swimming, Yoga, Singing


    Referees are usually people who have worked with you, normally in a more senior position. These are often previous employers.

    Include two or three referees, with their Name, job title, company and phone number. Details must be current and contactable. (contact your referee’s to ensure they are happy to provide a reference for you)

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