Starting a relationship

  • Relationship types

    Relationships come in different shapes and sizes.

    • Family
    • Friends
    • Boy or girl friend
    • Marriage, Defacto or Partner
    • Work or school mates

    Some begin when you’re born and last your entire lifetime and some just come and go. Some are closer and more important and some are distant and over in a flash.

    They can happen anywhere, anytime with anyone.

    What kind of relationships do you have? What kind do you want?

    Here is some sites to look at that provide plenty of information for you to have a think about before committing yourself to a relationship; or


  • Am I ready?

    So you’ve found someone who’s hot and you wanna get to know them.

    To be ready for a relationship there are a few things you need to consider. Do you have the time to hang out? Do you have a way of keeping in contact?

    Think about the pros and cons of getting together and what is it you want from the hook up. Do you want a friendship or intimate relationship?

    It’s good to be aware of the important things in your life – family, friends, culture, religion, sports, goals, etc. Then ask yourself? Is it me who wants this hook up to happen or somebody else like family or friends? Just because someone says you’re a great couple doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

    Knowing if you are prepared to take it to the next level can be hard. Find someone you trust to talk to about how you think and feel about it.  There are laws that say when people can start having a sexual relationship (16 in NSW) and it is different depending on what state or territory you’re in. Go to > Resources > Relationships > Healthy Relationships > the age of consent Factsheet or the Australian government’s website for Age of consent at > Publications-Publications by topic > Legal issues-Child protection legislation > Age of consent laws

  • First dates

    When people make plans for the first time to hang or go out together, some choose to do what they know and both people like and some choose to do something different and new.

    First dates can often be awkward and nervous so don’t expect too much. All you really need to figure out is if you are comfortable and feel safe with the other person.

    If it feels ok but you’re not sure you like them then it’s a good idea to try hanging out again because first dates are seriously scary and people are rarely at their best.  If it feels really weird on the first or second date then it’s time to say see ya later and move on.

  • How do I know if they like me?

    It’s usually pretty easy to tell when someone likes you. They smile a lot, their eyes shine, they’re interested in the things you do and ask questions about you. They’ll also share about themselves and happily answer any of your questions.

    They will definitely ask to catch up again and make sure you know all the ways to contact them. If you think you had a good time then its ok to text or phone to say how much you enjoyed it but be careful not to become a stalker.

  • Family and friends

    Your family and your good friends may be with you for life but your partner relationships may not last that long. Even if you are thrillingly and passionately in love, don’t forget to make time for mates and family.

    Introducing a new person to family and friends can be nerve racking. Will they be liked or hated? You might want to get to know the person yourself first to see if it’s going to be a thing or fling.

    Sometimes parents or carers may have an expectation to meet a boy or girlfriend before you start going out, it might be awkward but better than being sneaky and damaging family trust. Otherwise go with your gut feeling, you’ll know when the time is right to make introductions to your family and friends.

  • For extensive information on this topic see > Resources > Relationships > Healthy Relationships > the age of consent Factsheet > Publications-Publications by topic > Legal issues-Child protection legislation > Age of consent laws