Utility Connections

You will need to get these services connected when you move in to your rental property, this doesn’t mean you have to go dig trenches and lay cables, it means you need to contact suppliers and get them to switch the service into your name, then switched on for you. You will then be charged for your usage of that service.

Some suppliers may require a deposit when you open the account; ask this question when making your connection inquiry. Remember you have the right to shop around and see who has the best offer to suit you.

For most units and flats in complexes you won’t be charged for water usage,  this is the Landlords responsibility,check with your agent.

  • Electricity connection

    There are many different suppliers for electricity in each state, you will need to choose one that services your area (you can find them in the Yellow pages) and ring them to open an account and start up your service.

    In general you will need to give 2 working days notice of wanting a service connected and 2 days to disconnect. This is so a final reading can be done, and the bill for usage is charged to the right person. Some Identification will need to be provided for connections, this will be explained to you by the supplier.

  • Water connection

    Your water supplier is generally your local council; you can find them in your local phone book under Government/local area, ring their general inquiry number who will put you through to the right department.

  • Gas connection

    There’s a few options here, if you live in an area that has a natural gas supply, you can connect via a supplier directly to the service, the same conditions may apply for electricity.

    Many places have gas bottle suppliers only. You will need to contact a supplier and arrange delivery of the bottles to your home. There is often a bottle deposit fee required for this service. The supplier will generally connect the gas bottle up for you and take away the old bottle. Ask them to do this if you don’t know how or haven’t got the correct tools.

  • Paying for utilities/services

    Many of these services send out bills (accounts) on a 3 monthly basis which can add up to a large amount, however many also offer payment methods to pay off usage as you go. Eg. weekly direct debits, lump sum payments and Centrepay (if you are on government payments) or you can pay the full amount by the due date.

    No matter which way you pay, if you are having difficulties paying, contact the supplier and discuss your situation so you can come to an agreement about your service payment.

  • Home energy saver scheme (HESS)

    How much do my appliances cost?

    The table below gives you a guide to working out the cost of operating appliances in your home, based on a tariff of 25c per Kwh (Note: this amount will vary depending on where you live)

    Please note this is only a guide and appliance costs may vary depending on the setting used as well as the use of thermostats. Also these prices indicate the cost of using an appliance for an hour, for example, a kettle would cost less for one use than the price shown. If you would like further information about an appliance, please contact your local HESS advisor or phone their hotline on 1800 007 001.

    Table 1. Cost of everyday appliances per hour (when running).

    Appliances Average energy use per hour Typical hourly cost
    Portable radiant heater      1 kw- 2.4kw   $0.25- $0.60
    Portable convection heater      1.6kw- 2.4kw   $0.40- $0.60
    Fans (ceiling or pedestal)      0.1kw- 0.2kw   $0.02- $0.03
    Electric blanket ( at mid setting)      0.4kw   $0.10
    Reverse cycle air con 2-3kw      2kw- 3kw   $0.50-$0.75
    Reverse cycle air con 5-6kw      5kw-6kw   $1.25- $1.50
    Top load washing machine (cold cycle)      0.13-0.4kw   $0.03- $0.10
    Top load washing machine (warm cycle)      0.8kw-3.2kw   $0.20-$0.79
    Front Load washing machine (cold cycle)      0.2kw- 0.45kw   $0.05-$0.11
    Front load washing machine (warm cycle)      0.4kw-1.5kw   $0.10-$0.37
    Clothes Dryer      1.5kw- 5kw   $0.37- $1.25
    Dishwasher      0.35kw- 1.6kw   $0.09- $0.40
    Kettle      2.4kw   $0.61
    Microwave oven      1.3kw   $0.33
    Electric oven      2.5kw- 4kw   $0.62- $1.00
    Electric stove hotplate (small)      1.2kw   $0.30
    Electric stove hotplate (large)      1.8kw   $0.45
    Slow cooker      0.15kw   $0.03
    Games console      0.03kw-0.165kw   $0.01-$0.04
    Home Theatre System      0.3kw-1.4kw   $0.35-$0.80
    Computers      0.3kw- 0.5kw   $0.13- $0.80


    Table 2. Televisions.This table shows the cost of running a television for ten hours a day, per quarterly bill (over three months). This depends on the make, model and size of the television.

    Television Average energy use ten hours a day for three months Average cost of running a tv for ten hours per day over three months.
    LCD television 78kw-320kw $19.50-$80
    Plasma television 162-kw- 447kw $40.50- $111.75


    Table 3. Fridges and freezers. This table is a guide to show you how much it may cost to use fridges and freezers in the home, per quarterly bill (over 3 months). This will vary depending on make, model and size.

    Appliance Average energy use over 3 months  Average cost over three months
    Fridge/ freezer, 200-300 L  85kw- 134kw $21.25-$33.50
    Fridge/freezer, 500- 600L  100kw-187kw $25.00- $46.75
    Chest freezer, 200-300L  44kw- 80kw $11.00- $20.00
    Chest freezer, 500- 600L  86kw-132kw $21.50- $33.00


    Table 4. Standby usage and costs. Standby power is the energy used when we turn appliances off, but do not switch the power off at the wall. This table shows you an example of how much this standby power may add to your bill per year.

    Appliance  Average energy use per year Average cost per year
    Cordless phone                3w $6.75
    Television                10w $24.54
    DVD players                8w $19.84
    Computer monitor                5w $11.59


    Would you like to find out more?

    1       Ask your HESS worker to show you how you can calculate costs of appliances around the home.

    2       Ask your HESS worker to provide you with the exact cost, as well as a demonstration with their power mate device.

    Make an appointment today- 1800 007 001.