Writing a cover letter

  • 5 Tips to writing a cover letter

    Five tips

    • Address the cover letter to the right person, if the name of the person is not listed in the advertisement, contact the employer and ask who to address it to.
    • Don’t use the cover letter to duplicate the same information as your resume instead use the cover letter to introduce and highlight your personality, your curiosity and your level of interest in the field of work you are applying for
    • Keep it short and simple yet dynamic, no more than one page.
    • Use key words to enhance the point you want to make, whether it’s about skills, references or other relevant information, the best place to find key words is in the job description.
    • Tailor your cover letter to the company you are applying too.

  • Cover letter example

    Top of letter, your name, contact details and date

    Name of company, address

    Dear ………………….

    I am applying for the position of retail sales assistant with Target in Merimbula as advertised on the company website on 07/02/14 (always put in company, location, where the add was seen and date)

    I have extensive experience working in retail and sales with both large and small teams. My employment history includes major retailers such as, Myer, Grace Bros and Gap clothing.

    Whilst working for Myer’s, I was able to meet and exceed my monthly sales targets by 10% for 7 month consecutively. (Use examples of sales targets and numbers if relevant). I was also a part of the window dressing team who won public acclaim for our Christmas displays in 2010-11.

    I have undertaken and completed training in Business administration, Retail management, Aussie Host-retail and customer service excellence, as detailed in my resume.

    Thank you for taking the time to consider my resume and application for the position

    I look forward to receiving a response in regards to my application and can be contacted on (put email and phone number here) for an interview or further information.

    Yours Sincerely